Knightmare Tower proves that the knight, tower and princess isn't a well-worn theme

I guess there is no need to explain to anyone what unites knight, princess and tower. Knightmare Tower creators are also certainly aware of this, which does not mean that they decided to approach the issue of the creation of the game in the conventional manner. Now there are ten princesses and knight who does not run up the stairs, but just flies on a rocket with the gladioli (at least at the beginning) in hand. It was hard to write this review, because the game so addictive...

knightmare tower logo

Knightmare Tower contrary to what the title suggests there is nothing to do with shabby tower-defense genre. In this game we are playing the knight who on hearing of ten princesses imprisoned in the tower, daughters of the unfortunate king decides to move to rescue them. However, the knight is not like a fairy tale prince in shining armor. From the beginning he holds merely wooden gladiolus and can only dream of the armor. Our character captures some barrels and construct a rocket of them, now it will go towards the upper-storey tower and bouncing from approaching monster climb higher, higher and higher...

So in short you can summarize what Knightmare Tower game is. The game in terms of genre and fun model is probably the only one in the industry. Developers managed to skillfully exploit the potential of the accelerometer in our devices and weave it in addictive gameplay mechanism based on exactly three moves - tilting your phone or tablet to the left, right and tapping screen. Using the last of activities our thrown in the air hero attacks the monsters and thus rises further upwards. Grotesque, stupid and unrealistic? Probably yes, but damn addictive and fun!

The game is very dynamic and actually boils down to the same movements, regardless of severity. Still, it's not boring. Rapidly changing scenes, the mission system (seventy in total) and over fifty creatures to kill are just some of the attractions that await the player. At the end a powerful boss await us, the main villain. It is a pity that there is only one, however the fight with him is a real challenge.

This type of production could not miss the gold system. For gained purses we can get improvements, buy extra items and potions that give superpowers to our knight. However in Knightmare Tower, you will not experience micropayment system. The game simply blocks the development of the form after a certain time, and to move on (and thus open the way for the subsequent steps) we have to buy access to the full version (approx. $3). That's a pretty fair deal that does not resort to the hated by players buying virtual goods.

Graphics is maintained in two dimensions and looks picturesque, almost endearingly. I am in favor of this type of fixture, when it comes to mobile productions and I am pleased that the creators didn't try to add three-dimensional fitting. Animations themselves aren't impressing, but maybe that was the plan, because this way it becomes more grotesque and have more contrasts.

Knightmare Tower is a mobile stellar production that actually won my heart. I feel like I'm going to spend many long hours on it. Juicy Beast Studio managed to create something new, playable and insanely addictive. For fans of arcade, dynamic fantasy production it's "must have".

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